How to use

How to Use

We have combined several essential social media apps into one platform to make your day organized, interactive and fun at the same time. So go ahead download today, invite your friends and start enjoying the new way to know and share your day.

My Day

Create an event, add your friends, and upload a custom image. Once created, click on the location to map yourself to the event, or even request an Uber via the button in your event. See who is attending, and chat amongst attendees to keep your plans organized.


Not only does your timeline keep history of all your past events, it also allows your friends to upload photos and videos from the event for you to look back on at any time.


Want to send a QWK message that doesn't stay around forever? Send a QWKY. Once it is read, it vanishes.

Public Events

Logging in with your FB credentials gives you access to public events in any city, state, or country that interests you. Once you find an event, tap attend to add it to My Day, and invite your friends and family.

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